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Sushi Tacos In Winnipeg? You'll Love Them


sushi taco

Taco Sushi is coming to Magic Sushi! Every Tuesday will be Sushi Taco Tuesday at Magic Sushi starting May 9th. Taco Sushi has become increasingly popular in fusion cuisine over the past year, and we’re ready to bring it to Winnipeg. Compared to sushi burritos, they really shine.

Tuesdays will be the only days we will be serving the Taco Sushi, so you better clear your calendar. It will be available as an upgrade to the All-You-Can-Eat $3 each for sushi tacos or for takeout only $9.95 for 2.


sushi taco kitchen prep

We’re going to be offering 3 flavours to begin:

  • Salmon poke with sesame oil
  • Spicy tuna tartar
  • Beef and jalapeno
  • Calamari and sweet and spicy sauce

You may be wondering how we make the taco shells for the sushi taco. It’s not a fried corn tortilla like traditional tacos, nor any other flatbread. Instead we use sushi nori (dried seaweed!), with a bit of tempura batter. We fry it in our deep fryer, and shape it into a taco shell. Although the process is a bit demanding, the result is a delicious shell that stays crunchy and tastes delicious.

What else goes into the sushi taco? You can expect a variety of fresh veggies on top of the protein such as avocado, shelled edamame beans, pea shoots, cilantro, green onion, etc. We also top it off with some mayo, salsa and shredded seaweed. Oh and love.

The end result is something completely unique. If you like tacos (who doesn’t?) and sushi (why else would you be reading this?) you need to try it. It’s a savory yet fresh treat that you’re going to want to tell all your friends about!

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